Your Healing Path


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 Let me present you my new project Calendar for 2011  “Harmony”. 

This is a certain kind of channelings – tuning to the energies of the current month of the year. The goal of these pictures is to help a person in his transition to a new level of consciousness, understanding, and vision. These are both healing and inspiring pictures, connecting you with the information needed in the current period of life.
You may print out this picture in any format (original format is A4, regular sheet of paper) and place it in front of you. I think there should not be a predefined standard for this. On the contrary, I would like to know what variants will be offered by your imagination and intuition.
Sometimes it is very difficult to see in what way such kind of pictures is helping us because these energies are correcting and soft. I would like to ask you to spend some time observing your mood when you are near the picture – you may feel difference in your ability to focus, to hear your internal voice. February will open even wider our heart, our ability to hear the intention of our soul, and that will allow living more consciously in harmony with the Universe and with the intention of the Supreme Being. Our male and female self also seek the balance. All these changes contemplate release of old energy and acceptance of new energy, giving up old programs, thoughts, templates and vision of new possibilities to manifest your Spirit.
You have one more possibility to experiment with the picture. Concentrate on its center, get mentally inside of it and observe, listen, letting go of your desire to analyze and trusting to your mood.
My family of Light! I will wait for your feedback and comments.
With love and respect!