Your Healing Path

Calendar 2013 “Ascension”.

Like the 2011 Calendar “Harmony” and 2012 “Transformations” this calendar was created by connecting with the energy of the month, sensing it, and channeling the information. This project was important for me, and a little difficult because of the depth of this new awareness and the vastness of the new feelings that are developing within us.

My intention has been to help a person in his or her transition to a new level of consciousness, understanding, and vision. These are both healing and inspiring pictures, connecting you with the information needed in the current phase of life.
Concentrate on the pictures’ centers, get mentally inside of them, observing and listening. Let go of your desire to analyze and instead, trust your innermost feelings and emotions. Let your awareness to unfold the information you are getting in the moment of connection with your inner I, with the Universe.

With love,

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               Calendar 2013 “Ascension”.

                       The Heart’s Flame.
My calendar “Ascension” for the year 2013 begins with “Song of the Heart.” The new phase of our ascension and the transformation of our consciousness depended on the extent that we were ready to open our hearts to our divine selves. Our heart was the main focus of all previous meditations, in different spiritual practices. Through our hearts have come all our changes and transformations of the past year. More and more we have been able to free ourselves from programs and veils of the third dimension, gain a deeper understanding of ourselves,  and begin to love unconditionally ourselves, as well as everyone and everything around us. It is our heart, this channel of beauty and love, has allowed us to expand our minds and discover something that previously we could only guess at - our individuality within the oneness of everything that is. This may be just the beginning, but the process has aligned itself and gained momentum. December will bring a new wave of energies, the frequencies of which will help us to further rid ourselves of deep-rooted fears and anxieties - the programs of the departing dual world. Of course this means that we will have to feel those fears, but it is easier now than before for us to let go of what is no longer necessary. This is just one more example of changes in our consciousness, which has grown along with our Higher Self and Soul. The flame in our heart has ignited and lit a fire. The only way now is forward!

Feel your space. Attune yourself to feeling joy in your heart. Find a smile on your lips. “Stand” in the central point of the spiral. Breathe. Inhale Light, right into your Heart. Inhale Love. Feel the space inside your heart getting wider. “See” yourself in the stream of Light. At the same time, feel how Light fills your Heart and radiates out of it. A myriad of light rays, one after another, born inside your heart, are filling the Universe, becoming stronger and brighter in the golden stream of light that is passing through you. Feel this delightful, sparkling light….you are the light.  Breathe, continue expanding, and connecting with the Universe and with your Heart. The center of the spiral has also began its movement. The path of your soul has connected with the heart and harmoniously joined the path of our universal light family. “I am You, You are Me. I am one with Everything That Is.”


November will be an eventful and emotional month. It is a month of rebirth through liberation. As it usually is before any serious life changes, we try to get both our inner and outer lives in order. We are aligning ourselves with this coming change. Many things are difficult for us to leave behind. Old habits die hard, especially when just yesterday they seemed so important and necessary. We are not used to suddenly letting go of our things, our past. But we are not alone! This is important to remember. We need to relax, and feel one with the Universe, the Earth and all its inhabitants, and all the different realms and spaces. Even the Sun is with us, in harmony with our changes. The solar eclipse at the beginning of the month will be a great help to us in freeing ourselves from the weight of duality. Take advantage of this gift and meditate during this time. We are about to walk through yet another door, take one more deep breath, and feel ourselves as citizens and creators of the new Era of Light. Are we ready? Yes! The strongest souls have gathered right now to help move along and welcome this Transition to a new wave of human, planetary, and universal consciousness.

Painting. Many people, first looking at the picture, will see a cherry pie. But this delicious jam that you see laying on top of the “crust” is actually us – humans. This is how I see our new thin light bodies. And this means that we will undergo a lot of change: our minds will become free of worrisome thoughts, fears, and our bodies will let go of pain and disease. We will become lighter! Some of us may get a feeling of growing wings. We will enter a magical world, but it is important to remember that, within it, we are still children. We have to listen and be curious, learning, and remembering our inner creator.


In the meditation, begin breathing through the painting, through the channels of energies, letting them enter farther into your every cell and into your heart. Connect with the sun and allow it to “spill” new light into your space. Connect with the light blue earth and allow its four elements to connect you with the Earth’s energies. Then find yourself in one of the stars’ tetrahedrons (the lilac rhombus in the painting) and feel renewal. Feel like you are flying.


October – a month of internal balance. Our goal and intention is to learn to find within us a center of harmony and to exist consciously in its light. We are learning to live relying more on our hearts and new experiences, than relying on the analysis of our minds. Situations that we will find ourselves in will seem logical with clear solutions, but feelings of discomfort won’t permit us to make decisions hastily. What seems obvious one minute may seem confusing the next, and trying to make a situation/decision fit into an obvious “box” will not bring us peace. And this is wonderful! More and more we are listening to our hearts, opening ourselves to One Heart and the Unified Consciousness of the Universe. 

Painting Meditation

See yourself inside the flower. It is alive. It is breathing. This is why, at first sight, you cannot see its symmetry or proportions… But looking at ourselves from a universal perspective, we find that we are also free of symmetry and proportions. Harmony is a feeling of wholeness, both on a unified and individual level. Feel yourself existing in the space of the Unified Divine Mind, the Heart. Our mind’s logic is nonexistent here. There is only harmony and balance in our thoughts. This realigns our mood and brings us back to a place of confidence and calm. If your focus has shifted to searching for explanations and words, once again imagine yourself in the center of the flower. We are children in this new world of feelings. We are trying to comprehend and learn to speak without words, to feel more than we can express with words. The new world is so beautiful and amazing!

Wishing you lightness and happiness. 



September. I would call it a month of Contemplation. This first month of fall will be different from the difficult summer months, when our life was filled to the brim with emotions, important events, new experiences and sensations. Summer was very turbulent, bringing change and helping us realize who we are and what we truly want. It was hard to remain balanced when confronted with such intense new energies. Everything that we began to discover and realize was difficult to understand. General human problems that we tended to attribute to ‘others’ suddenly became very individualistic. We sensed an immediate need to focus on ourselves and our desires, as well as listen to our inner voices. There appeared a need to reevaluate what is important – to clean out everything outdated and unnecessary. This process is incredibly difficult, requiring concentration, but its result is rebirth. This is the state in which we approach September.


September will offer us time to rest and regroup – to accept the new energies becoming available to us, form a new foundation which will consist of love, freedom, and creation.


My picture shows a lot of water, but the water does not bring alarm, as much as excitement, joy, and playfulness. This is how one may describe our emotions in September. We will feel as though emotions are bubbling up and overwhelming us, but contemplation – as the main tool of September – will help us cope and stay balanced. Contemplation of the soft colors of fall, of the lazily changing landscapes, the clear air, and the beautiful aromas of flowers, leaves, and earth will help us to keep our balance. Contemplation of life changes, without judgment or analysis, but with curiosity, will help us to strengthen our new foundations, which we have been building for the past months. It will help us realize and accept the changes that have taken place within us and in the outside world, preparing us the next stage of the Transition.


With its intense energy, August will become one of the most important moments of our Transition. All the preparations - mental, emotional, physical, human, planetary, and universal – have merged into one moment. Of course, this is not the final level of the Transition. But we have all been moving towards this for thousands of years and many lifetimes. Having lost the connection with our Inner Self, we still continued to believe in ourselves, in Love, and in our Soul. We knew that one day we would come back that place of being one with our Souls and being able to hear the inner voice of our hearts. New Light waves will help us free ourselves of the last programs of the third dimension, and activate those levels of our auric fields that will ultimately open the doors to our Divine Selves.

            Picture: Look at the multicolored rhombuses. In space, these are crystals – multifaceted, shimmering with their unique colors, and connecting us with our Higher Self and the Universal Mind. They are new center of energy, chakras that create new auric fields. Activating these fields will not only allow us to better think, hear, and see from the heart and be connected to our Souls, but will also make us more receptive to new light frequencies, in turn preparing us for the next stage of the Transition to Higher Dimensions.

            Relax and allow yourself to move into a space of lightness and flow. In order to harmoniously and consciously move through this activation, concentrate on the yellow/gold rhombus (fifth from the bottom). This is a new chakra – the Sacral Heart. Breathe through the Heart into the Sacral Heart (the thymus). Create a path – a golden current connecting your chakras. Breathe Love and Light into your Heart. Then, raise your breathing higher above your heart. Release Love and Light as you breathe out. Gradually ascend higher to activate all the chakras. The top chakra is the Star of the Soul. Allow all the energies to unfold themselves. Don’t try to manage the process, but enjoy it. Finish the meditation by breathing through all your chakras, including the lower ones.

 Listen to yourself. Love yourself.


July of this year is a month of inner spiritual uplifting, inspiration, and work. Of course, we are waiting for summer so we can lay out in the sun, relax, not have to think about anything, and release all our built-up tensions. Many of us have special plans for this month, but there is still a chance to add time for work on your inner self. This energetically strong month will help you tackle that mountain of delayed and forgotten chores and errands. We will be aided in this by Angelic energy that will take us and the Earth under its wings. As with meteor showers, we walk outside at night and look at the sky, absorbing the beauty of «falling stars» and the energies of something mysterious and eternal. During this month, we will «observe» the rain of Angelic Light. Naturally, this kind of Angelic attention is not accidental. We are moving on to a new level of vibration and changing our vibrational range along with our planet. We have prepared ourselves for this. However, it will not be an easy transition. Our own thoughts will continue to amaze us and our relationship with Time will become increasingly off-kilter. We already have a hard time recognizing ourselves and July will finalize our transformation and close the door to our previous existence. It is a beautiful period! Many will begin to see themselves from a different perspective, discover new gifts and talents, and feel the desire to create something new and amazing. At the same time, we will be confronted with the programs of our limitations. It is important to remember that these are merely conditions that are no longer needed. Everything new will undoubtedly find its way into our world, into the now.


Look at the painting and find yourself soaring over the Earth amongst the Angels of Light. Feel your wings, lightness and liberation. Allow the Light and Love of the Universe and the Sun to enter every cell of your open body. Breathe in the Love and Light, letting them mix with the essence of your beautiful soul. Feel the breath of the Earth and allow yourself to connect with it. I am EVERYTHING! Let your exhilaration help you to hear the song of your heart.

With Love,


June. “The Butterfly of the Universe”


Earth has entered a beautiful period of its growth and development – a period of rebirth into the New Era of Light. Our Mother Earth, the child of the Universe, is growing wings. Perhaps now we can refer to it as the Butterfly of the Universe?!

This period is not the easiest for Earth and its inhabitants. Changes that have taken place in the mind have paved the way for physical changes – the most noticeable of changes for most of us. The process of giving birth to a child is difficult, but it becomes much easier when you realize it’s a celebration. Likewise, a New Earth is being born.  What will it be like? Knowledge and expectations of higher vibrations and a new level of consciousness, and talk of a shift to higher dimensions only fuel our curiosity. It is this curiosity that helps us during difficult times. Curiosity and excitement. Excitement that you are the person that gets to witness this amazing transformation of planet Earth. Mixed with curiosity, this excitement creates a celebration – a day, year, a moment in eternity of the birth of the Butterfly of the Universe – our beloved Planet Earth.

On the picture:

Imagine yourself in the center of the picture, on Planet Earth. Pretend you are zooming in on you phone or camera and “enlarge” the picture. Find yourself on a favorite meadow, beach, or creek.. Engage all your senses. ‘Hear’ the birds, ‘see’ a bee flying by, ‘smell’ the fragrances of summer flowers. At the same time, see the whole planet (your computers aren’t yet advanced enough to do this)! Feel the planet. Feel its pulse. Your own heart beats in unison with the Earth’s heart. Listen to this song and allow yourself to feel and be part of the birth of the Butterfly of the Universe – the birth of the New Earth and of a New You. Feel your new wings!

With Love,


May.  Lotus of Heart.  


May – the month of blooming flowers. Perhaps it is not by accident that our hearts so desire attention during this particular time. Like the trees and flowers around it, it is ready to open its flower – the twelve-leaf Lotus. We have already prepared ourselves for this. This process has most likely taken us more than one lifetime in this stiff third-dimensional world. Our heart, whose voice has too often been stifled by that of reason, has accumulated a lot of pain – pain from loneliness, misunderstandings, losses, and the absence of love. We all need Love. We want to love and be loved genuinely and unconditionally. We are all looking for our Love. The third dimension, with its strict laws and limitations, could only offer us attachment, respect, gratitude…feelings easy to mistake for true Love. But we always subconsciously knew that there had to be True Love, and we never stopped searching for it. The New Era of Light, starting with the opening of the Portal of Ascension on 12-12-12, has brought upon many changes. We all feel it in our changing point of views and self-perceptions. Conversations about Oneness are becoming increasingly common. The thought of Oneness no longer holds a threat of losing your individuality. We have become richer and stronger internally, more confident, and more bright. Our world is full of new concerns and visions. Everything seems to be happening faster and time is less of a reference point. Yes, we are still emotional and, out of habit, may react very explosively to situations. But our emotional storms have become shorter and less significant, like summer rainstorms. They pass, leaving quiet, harmony, and bliss. We are ready for another step. This step is necessary for us to move forward and fully open our Hearts. The Energy of Love is the foundation of creation. We are all Love and Light!

Painting: Meditate – Find a quiet place in your mind. Don’t rush. Feel your strength and responsibility for your own Path. All your life you have been picking, almost blindly, the twists and turns of your Path. Tripping, falling and getting up again, wiping the tears of fatigue and frustration, you always continued walking! And you have become a witness of the new Era of Light. It is thanks to all of us, that this great shift is upon us. You have carried within yourself the original Light so that it can now help you and everyone around you get back Home.

Feel the importance and significance of your life experience! Feel gratitude. Remember the moment in your life when you felt such immense gratitude toward someone that it felt like it was illuminated with smiles, happiness, and sincerity… Remember that moment and become that gratitude.

Now you are ready to open the gates to the Temple of Light – the Temple of Your Heart. Enter the Temple. This is your sacral place. Look around. Here, the Light sparkles like a crystal in the sun, the silence resonates like gentle chimes, and there is happiness and bliss all around. Enter deeper into this state of Light and music. In the center of the Temple there is a Lotus flower. It is beautiful with petals gently folded into a flower bud. It looks like it is glowing from the inside. This is Your Light. You are ready today to open this cup and fill your Temple, your Path, and your Creations with the Light of Love. Stand for a while longer in front of the Lotus. Breathe.

Feel your intention to enter the flower as a passionate desire, a harmony with yourself and the world, as a thrill… Now enter the center of the Lotus. Feel the energy – warm, familiar, soft – flow around you and enter your being. Don’t rush. Wait. Allow your “wings” to unfold. Allow the last drops of pain to dissolve in the Light of the Lotus. Along with the smile on your lips, you feel and hear the majestic, strong, eternal Sound appear from your depths. OoooMmmm! Sing! Along with the dance of Energy within the Lotus, the Sound creates streams and vibrations. Images, shapes, light…the kaleidoscope of pictures connects into one moment, filling the moment and unfolding in time and space as your multifaceted Self. See how the petals of the Lotus are opening. Your Heart is Open! Feel your smile, your strength, joy, and ecstasy! Greet the Era of Light!

With Love,


April. "Harmony with the Universe". Calendar 2013 "Ascension". Galina Filatova

The difficult part of this year – the transformations we underwent in March, is now in the past. Along with the Earth, we can enjoy the feeling of inner peace. But this is not a vacation or break. It is our new ability to fully feel the harmony of our path within the Oneness of the Universe. In some ways, this feeling resembles inertia. We have accelerated, or rather unfolded like a snail, and, feeling the movement, have begun to trust it. We are now free to move along the current of the river of Life. There is no resistance or fight.  There is only joy, harmony, and feelings of success, luck, inspiration, and lightness. Do you remember days when everything suddenly condenses in one point and everything ‘magically’ works out? This is what we feel right now. This is a moment of creative release and we feel it as a connection with the Soul, the Source, and the wisdom of the Universe!

Painting.   Connect your heart with the central point of the painting. Feel how a light connection with the Central Sun of the Universe becomes wider, brighter, and warmer. Choose a moment to feel how your chakras have aligned with the chakras of the Universe. Continue to feel the warm connection of your heart chakras with the Universe. Feel yourself ‘growing’ and sense how the joy of your wholeness and oneness with everything is filling your body. This new awareness of our bodies is amazing and wonderful. Feel how your joy and delight of these sensations is conveyed to the Universe and is returned to you in a warm wave of Love and Light. You are in the flow of Creation. Happy April!

With Love,


March. "Time Snail". Calendar 2013 "Ascension". Galina Filatova

    The beauty of March, the first month of spring, is always breathtaking. The air is fresh, sweet, and inviting. You want to breathe in all the excitement of March and all the brightness, color, and awakening along with it.

Along with the arrival of spring, we will feel an awakening within us. It will be apparent not only in our mood, but in our actions, thoughts, and consciousness too. We will want to shed our protective layer of past comforts and a routine way of life, and instead change and rearrange everything around us. We will suddenly feel philosophical and will calmly accept all the changes taking place in our careers, relationships, and family life. Like children, we will be thrilled by any unexpected twists of fate. Of course, you must remember that such joy and lightness is our own choice. By allowing ourselves to concentrate on this unfolding miracle and welcoming a new phase of life, we will be able to avoid any traps set by our old tendencies to worry and over-analyze.

On the picture: Begin by taking in the colors and movement of the painting with an unfocused first look at it. Then, rest your eyes inside the central spiral and, resting your hand on your beating heart, connect with the “snail”. Feel joy and begin slowly “unwinding”, moving away from the center towards the edges and absorbing all the colors of spring along the way. In a moment of internal quiet, continue moving along your own spiral until you feel totally content and peaceful. This meditation will help you remove any blocks that are standing in the way of your inner potential and invite positive change into your life.

With Love,


     February.  Eye of Horus.

Many people who were expecting to see radical planetary shifts after December 21, 2012 felt disappointed when they didn’t see any obvious signs of a Transition. But Transition doesn’t mean world-shattering cataclysms or impending darkness. This period prepared us for new energies and freed us from numerous programs, paradigms, and habits of the third dimension. The “emptiness” that many of you felt is a result of this cleansing and passing through the Time Portal into the new Era of Light. This is why it is so important for us right now to remain within our hearts. Our rational mind – our analyzer, cannot help or guide us on a path that is unfamiliar to it. The energies of January helped us concentrate on our hearts. Only decisions made from the heart have the power to gain strength and life potential.

February will prepare us for a new Wave of Light – for new transformations of our minds, our physical bodies, and our realities.  Everything right now depends on us - on how we focus our attention, allowing our consciousness to open not through our rational minds, but through our hearts. This will determine our mood, well-being, and further transformations.

The painting depicts the “Eye of Horus.” The activation of this ‘interface’ will help us accept higher vibrations of Light and transform them into something our bodies can process. The “Eye of Horus” is located in the brain. Subconsciously, we all know its exact location. Take a moment to create a place of total silence in your head. Open your eyes and, remaining in the silent space within your mind, connect with the center of the painting. Once you feel your attention becoming more unfocused, let your mind wander along the lines toward the center of the Mandala. Feel calm and open. You may even feel a bit of prickling at the crown of your head.  Angelic energies surround your space and support you during the activation. Ask the Archangels of Light to help you.

With Love,

     January. Song of the Heart.

January of 2013 is a sort of portal – a corridor into the energies of the coming year. All the events of last year and especially of December have opened the door into the new Era of Light. How will we begin this path? What direction will our hearts point us in? It is in our hearts that we look for Truth and the answers to our difficult questions. And it is in our hearts that we feel Great Love, Joy, and Inspiration!

January is the month of the Heart. Of course this theme is timeless, but the soft, transparent, and at the same time incredibly powerful energies of this month especially will direct our attention towards the Heart. The transition that happened on December 21st changed our perception both of ourselves and of others. There is still a lot left to understand, and only our hearts right now can help us to accept our new sensations, feelings, and moods. Only listening to our hearts will help us to better feel and see all the new opportunities of the new Era of Light.

Focus your attention on the center of the flower. At the same time, connect to your heart. Look at the flower from the perspective of your heart. Feel how your heart is opening along with the flower.

With Love,