Your Healing Path

.    Galina Filatova, organizer of School of Synergy, spiritual teacher and healer.

My Path

     Not long ago, words like aura, chakra, clairvoyant, healer… were unclear and even frightening. But life today is so fast-paced, everything is changing so quickly, that even these terms have become accepted and gained trust. You will not scare someone with the words “healer” or “clairvoyant”, as you might have before. Furthermore, an increasing number of people believe that they have these abilities, or at least find the subject interesting. We are lucky to live in a time when such an interest will not result in burning at the stake and persecution; instead, there have appeared numerous opportunities to discover your natural abilities, throw off the veil of disbelief and self-doubt, break free from feelings of fear, loneliness, and pain; finally, you can become closer to your inner self, and enjoy every moment.         
    There are many ways to begin this difficult, but incredibly interesting and fulfilling journey – that of spiritual discovery and growth. It is a difficult journey because the ground of beliefs and assumptions on which you stand was constructed also by you, for yourself. Thus, it is hard to admit that something is wrong and needs to be changed. It is personal pride that often makes us miserable, fear that someone will judge you for mistakes and that you will have to “pay” for them. The word “mistake” has taken on a negative connotation. Even though it is said that one can “learn from mistakes”, first and foremost it is assumed that it’s better to just avoid making them. We are led to believe that it is better to defend your position and try to convince others and yourself that everything is alright, even if that makes us unhappier. Then also, we try tosubstitute the happiness of being yourself with happiness of material gain. We don’t love ourselves, but want others to love us, or to at least pretend to love us. We agree to live in lies, labeling it as compromise. I believe that in everyone’s life there comes a moment when that individual doesn’t want to continue living by what others think and desire of him and wants simply to be happy and feel lightness and joy in his heart. And it is wonderful when, at such a moment, there is someone beside you that understands you and wants to help you find your path. All you need is to want this! Just chose this path! Everything is in our hands. 
            I have always believed in miracles. Do you remember the story of Cinderella?! My favorite! There are so many miracles! Why do we not notice them in our own lives, stubbornly believing that they are possible only in fairy tales? I always wanted to be either a doctor or a teacher. I got a degree in mechanical engineering. But the people I met led me, unknowingly, to my dream. My conscious journey to becoming a healer began with a flyer advocating a healthy diet and with a seminar in the Caucasus Mountains with Nadezhda Semenova. One of the instructors in the seminar taught meditation, another taught prayer, and the third presented us with the book “Anastasia”, by V. Megre. Everything was happening very quickly. Soon, I was part of a group of ten people visiting the dolmens, in Gelendzhik. Ten days of meditation, simply thinking, communication with the spirit of the dolmen Tor….all this resulted in the following. 
            One of the questions to the spirit of Tor was, “Who is a healer?” The answer followed, “A healer is someone that will help a person see the source of his problem. It is hard to heal someone that doesn’t make a personal effort, someone who wants the healer to do the work for him, who doesn’t connect his pain with himself, but with other situations and people. The one who can change such a person’s perception to see the true, internal source of the problem – this is a healer.” At that time, I could not call myself a healer. Something inside me prevented me from saying this word. Then, I turned to the dolmen’s spirit, “I need a spiritual teacher.” I needed to reexamine myself, in order to help others. What happened next was the greatest (maybe, the most noticeable) miracle: my husband was offered a job in the U.S., and in no other town than Boulder, the spiritual capital of the whole nation.  Interestingly, “Boulder” is internationally classified as a dolmen’s name. There were numerous other amazing coincidences, miracles, that give me incredible joy on the difficult path of spiritual growth. 
            After nine years, I am still developing my innate abilities. I have met wonderful teachers. But most importantly, thanks to my desire and choice, I have become myself. Furthermore, my childhood dream is coming true – I am helping people. 
            A spiritual healer can help people only through collaboration with the individual that asked for help. Often, people turn to a healer as a result of physical pain. This pain can be alleviated, but it will return if the individual does not try to change something within himself, to reject old dogmas, paradigms, habits, and fears, that have become a comfortable reality. It is important to understand that our physical health is a reflection of our internal, psychological state. If the deeper source of discomfort is not addressed, then the pain will likely return. A healer can help show and remove this internal cause. 
            A spiritual healer will help you see what phase of life you are in right now, and will show you the ways to alter your way of thought to help you on your journey of spiritual discovery and growth.